The Little Prince
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About the Novel Game

The Hoshi no Ouji-sama novel game was the eighth work by the Japanese amateur group P.o.l.c. (Party Of Little Creators), and despite being a derivative work of an existing story, very much fits in with the group's repertoire of soulful storytelling.

Altogether, this novel game consisted of the full story newly translated to Japanese by Wataru, the lead man of P.o.l.c.; along with new illustrations by Fuwa and a soundtrack by Iru-brave.

This English release consists of the novel game with the full, unabridged English translation by Katherine Woods added in, with the text having been checked against several copies of the translation so as to avoid carrying over any mistakes or revisions. All Japanese menus and postscripts are translated to English, and many technical improvements have been made to the game simply to ensure that English will display as it ought.

The Hoshi no Ouji-sama novel game and The Little Prince English translation belong to their respective holders.