The Little Prince
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A certifiable classic which uses a world of dreams to illustrate true reality, and which puts the reader at odds with adulthood to teach a lesson on maturity, Le Petit Prince originated in the heart of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -- a French writer and aviator who flew in the Second World War. His many books were focused on the life and adventures which only he could recount, and Le Petit Prince, his final and best-known work, is no exception.

The initial English translation was undertaken by Katherine Woods in 1943, by whose virtue the book released in the United States almost two years before it did in France. Albeit imperfect, her imagining of The Little Prince is most beloved in how sophisticated and timeless it is, and how sympathetic it is to the childlike course of thought.

Le Petit Prince has since been translated to more than three hundred languages and dialects, and has been adapted into various forms of media. The visual novel game by P.o.l.c. is both one of many translations, and one of many adaptations.

Do not be fooled by its status as a children's book, nor be blinded by its acclaim: experience it on your own terms. And, if your native language happens not to be English, or French, or Japanese, it is recommendable to take the time to experience it in your own language, too.

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